Master of Science in Surface and Colloid Engineering

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FSCN laboratories

This is an AVANS project within our research environment Transformative Technologies aiming at develop a master program in chemical engineering.

This project is funded by Knowledge Foundation and the goal is to develop a Master education program in Surface and Colloid Engineering at Mid Sweden University. It will be an important piece of puzzle for the industry in our region due to their competence needs now and in the future. By industry we mean the pulp- and paper, and chemical sectors.

The program will be developed in close collaboration with the partner companies to meet their requests and get a high involvement in the program from them. The students will have a broad network after graduation and we hope that they can easily get a job. The education is directly connected to our strategic actions at FSCN and will strengthen our current research focus. The program is also developed in line with the university strategies with e-learning and industry relations.

In the autumn of 2015 we started a new education in chemical engineering in cooperation with KTH, Master of Science in Engineering in Technical Chemistry (TechChem). This education has been requested from the industry in our region for many years due to their need of competence in the area. The planned structure of the education was that the first-cycle studies (Bachelor degree) were given by Mid Sweden University (MIUN) in Sundsvall and then the following second-cycle studies was given by KTH in Stockholm. We also wanted our students to have the possibility to finish their second-cycle studies at MIUN as well, and therefore, we decided to create a Master program in Surface and Colloid Engineering.

Starting up a Master's program in chemical engineering at Mid Sweden University is a both natural and strategic action considering our relatively large research volume within the subject area. We need a mixture of research and education within chemical engineering to improve quality in general and more specifically we need a better basis for recruitment of PhD-students. Another important reason for the program start-up is that the local industry (Chemical Industry, Pulp and Paper Industry, Supplier companies and Consultants) also need a better basis for recruitment since they are having problems recruiting qualified persons.

Project period

2017-02-01 -- 2019-01-31